Monthly Archives: November 2011

Cville Better Business Challenge

Changes are already taking place here at Woodard Properties.  Why?  Because our valiant team decided to take on the challenge and compete in the Charlottesville Area Better Business Challenge.  This is a friendly competition amongst 100+ Charlottesville area businesses to incorporate sustainable practices in their day-to-day operations.  Many of our own commercial tenants are involved as well.  The [...]

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The Plaza

The Plaza…nope, not the Plaza Hotel in New York City but rather something less exclusive, more colorful and definitely very diverse…McIntire Plaza.  It’s the new Charlottesville destination!  Gone are the pink stucco buildings.  Today you’ll find shades of green, yellow, terra-cotta and eggplant.  It’s not your grandfather’s business park anymore.   McIntire Plaza currently is the [...]

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McIntire Plaza Spotlight – Carpet Plus

              “Floors are the foundation of your home. So we take them pretty seriously.”  So begins the philosophy of Carpet Plus.  As an anchor business of McIntire Plaza, Carpet Plus occupies some 4,000 square feet of retail and warehouse space at this active Charlottesville business park.  Founded in 1987 [...]

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508 9th Street Substation

We are proud to provide the Charlottesville Police Department a Sub-Station at 508 9th Street, SW.  The Sub-Station allows the police officers to build positive relationships in the community.  The house is used as a meeting space for neighborhood associations, for programs such as Reading, Explorer Post, Fishing and Firearms and gang awareness training and as [...]

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