Monthly Archives: November 2012

Ca$h for Clothes

  The Woodard Properties team has the pleasure of serving almost 2oo commercial customers and 1,000+ residents, so we get really excited when there is an opportunity for our commercial folks to connect with our residents. Jean Theory, a new and inherited clothing boutique on the Downtown Mall, has created an excellent event to help [...]

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Hoo Knew? Hoo Needs Potato Chips?

  Some people can’t resist the creamy decadence of chocolate, the sugary crunch of hard candies, or the cool creaminess of ice cream. For other folks it’s the crispy saltiness of potato chips that is tougher to avoid. The problem with this snack of choice is that most potato chips are high in fat, calories, [...]

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Woodard Team Volunteers – The Latest

  Two weeks ago we were lucky enough to send one group of Woodard team members to volunteer at the Local Food Hub and one group to assist Habitat for Humanity in their “Home Builders Blitz”. The Local Food Hub volunteers got to work on a beautifully scenic educational farm weeding kale and lettuce and [...]

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