Core Ideology


The Great Game

We at Woodard Properties believe in empowering our employees thereby giving everyone a stake in the outcome of the business.  To that end, we utilize the Great Game of Business.  The Great Game is an innovative yet powerful style of running a company.  It’s the practice of open-book management which employs a simple yet profound principle, “When employees think, act and feel like owners…everybody wins.”

The concept is outlined by Jack Stack in his book The Great Game of Business.  Mr. Stack cultivated this business management method when he and several partners took a failing business and turned it into one of the most successful companies in America.  His formula is very straightforward.  Allow each individual to take personal ownership of their success in the company and then reward them accordingly.

We believe that being successful starts with our customers.  Our envisioned future is “To be the most respected Property Management and Development Company in the community.”  Therefore, our primary focus is to provide superior customer service to both new and existing clients.  As a matter of fact, our core purpose is “To improve the quality of living and working in our community.”  We are determined to raise the bar of customer satisfaction for those we serve.  This is where The Great Game enables our team to become fully engaged in achieving our core ideology.

Woodard Properties has bought into the conviction that our company is only as strong as the employees who make it up.  From the receptionist to the owner, every employee has a stake in our business and can make a difference in our overall performance.  We strongly believe that opening the books to all the employees strengthens the resolve of everyone involved to play a significant part in our overall success.

“Open-Book Management has two critical elements:  sharing business information (open-book) and developing a process that enables everyone to use that information to improve the company (management)…The Great Game of Business is about running your business in a strategic, forward thinking fashion.  Employees are taught the rules of business, enabled and expected to improve performance based on that knowledge, and given a Stake in the Outcome – good or bad.  They aren’t looking to historical financial information for answers, they are forecasting the future of the business and making it happen.”

To be the best we have to continually strive to be the best.  Whether it’s our continuing mission to improve our methods of operation to delight our customers, going paperless to simplify the leasing process or lowering the cost of office supplies to reduce expenses, we are determined to amaze those we serve while serving those we employ.   At Woodard Properties, playing The Great Game of Business is not just a philosophy but a fundamental core of how we operate and do business.

The Principles of The Great Game of Business

Every Employee…

…Should be given the measures of business success and taught to understand them

1)      Know & Teach the Rules

…Should be expected and enabled to act on their knowledge to improve performance

2)      Follow the Action & Keep Score

…Should have a direct stake in the company’s success or risk of failure

3)      Provide a Stake in the Outcome


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