Why Woodard Properties?

Posted on: Oct 06, 2021

2021 Edition

“I appreciate your values as described on your website and commitment to the community and positive culture. Reviews of your company are also positive online.”

“The reviews online looked fantastic regarding your customer service and integrity, and the houses looked beautiful. It was a no-brainer for us.”

“Great location which is convenient to walk to and from the UVA Campus.”

“I was initially drawn to Woodard Properties because of the very easy to navigate website. This specific property is exactly where I would like to live and it’s evident that the property is well-maintained.”

“I like the amenities offered by Woodard (gym and study lounge) as well as the layout of the property (study nook, kitchenette, and balcony). I have talked to some current and past residents who all have wonderful things to say about the property and the leasing agency.”

 “I think Grad Court is in such an amazing location and the apartment looks super nice! Also, Woodard Properties made everything really easy and the process really manageable.”

“The location is great, close to downtown and friends and family who live nearby. I lived in Woodard Properties when I was an undergrad and enjoyed my experience.”

“I really love the location above McIntire Plaza. I work at a restaurant on the Downtown Mall and hope to be able to ride a bike to work most days. Also, Woodard has a solid reputation around town and when I looked at another location a month ago, Hez was very helpful. It gives me a good feeling about renting with you.”

“Great apartment options and prompt communication from Woodard Properties.”

“The house on 14th Street for which I am applying seems to be a wonderful place to live and the tour provided by Hez as well as his friendliness and responsiveness to our inquiries both made me happy to work with Woodard Properties moving forward.”

“I really like the historic nature of this building and its location, and I appreciate that Woodard offers a lot of different options and apartment styles. Kyle was extremely helpful on the virtual tour and has been quick to respond to all my questions.”

“My father was a long-term resident with Dogwood Housing and then Woodard Properties. I am looking to move back to Charlottesville for work and school for my children, and thought what better company to rent from.”

“After looking at the apartment online, I could picture myself studying in the lounge area, working out in the gym, and enjoying the sunlight through the large windows of the apartment bedroom. Beyond the building itself, I also chose Woodard Properties because of the numerous positive reviews online and my personal experience with the company. The staff in the leasing office (particularly Hez) were friendly and eager to speak with me (and my mom) and to answer all of my questions about the property honestly and clearly, unlike many other leasing companies in the area. Ultimately, the beauty of the apartment, the amenities available, and the fairness and warmth of the staff at Woodard Properties makes me confident that living in this community will be my home away from home.”