Energize!BRAC: Q&A with UVA students and sustainability staff

Posted on: Jun 18, 2015


We are so excited about the enthusiasm we’ve seen from fellow Blue Ridge Apartment Council members for Energize!BRAC, a collaboration of property managers and community members who will work collectively on initiatives and action items to support the Energize!Charlottesville campaign. With over half of city residents living in rental properties, our joint efforts as property managers and owners could have a significant impact on our chance of winning the $5,000,000 Georgetown University Energy Prize.

We will compile notes, ideas, tips, and inspiration from each of our Energize!BRAC meetings and will share them here. We hope this is a useful resource and that it helps everyone to start taking some action… we only have 18 months left in the competition, so Energize!Charlottesville needs our help now!

Check back for updates, in the meantime here’s info on our next meeting where we will have a Q&A with UVA students and staff from the Office for Sustainability.

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