The Plaza

Posted on: Nov 21, 2011

The Plaza…nope, not the Plaza Hotel in New York City but rather something less exclusive, more colorful and definitely very diverse…McIntire Plaza.  It’s the new Charlottesville destination!  Gone are the pink stucco buildings.  Today you’ll find shades of green, yellow, terra-cotta and eggplant.  It’s not your grandfather’s business park anymore.  

McIntire Plaza currently is the vibrant home to over 70 businesses in the City of Charlottesville.  It’s like a little town without having to pay for parking.  It’s got old school appeal with new school conveniences.  Whether it’s a retail store, warehouse space, an office location or a good restaurant…McIntire Plaza has it. 

McIntire Plaza boasts anchor stores such as Circa, C’ville Coffee, Great Harvest Bread Company and Carpet Plus.  Contractors, caterers, consultants and service providers make up just a few of the businesses which can meet or serve your needs. 

It’s one stop shopping or shopping in one place.  It’s McIntire Plaza…it’s your choice.  You can do business here or locate your business here.  Either way, you just need to get here.