jean theory: New Storefront on the Downtown Mall

Posted on: Apr 24, 2012


Charlottesville’s Historic Downtown Mall…considered one of the finest urban parks in the United States and located in the heart of our dynamic city. To be a part of this celebrated community is an honor and a privilege that Woodard Properties does not take for granted, which is why we are so pleased to receive such positive feedback on the unveiling of our newest commercial space located at First and Main!

jean theory:‘s new facade is delighting tourists, residents, and fellow business owners alike and we could not be more pleased with the response. Here are a few of the compliments that really made our day:

“It’s nice to see that someone finally got it right!”

“Best looking storefront on the mall!”

“Amazing structure, incredible design!”

“It’s so nice to see that side of the mall coming to life!”

And our personal favorite from a neighboring business, “Thank you for improving my view!”

We very much appreciate this opportunity to contribute to the diversity and character of architecture on the Downtown Mall and look forward to enhancing our community with future projects!