Meet Kyle, Leasing Professional Extraordinaire

Posted on: May 02, 2014

Kyle Herris, the newest leasing professional to join our rock star leasing team, has been with us for about two months now. We have thoroughly enjoyed his company (so far), and we thought you would enjoy learning about Kyle, too!

Fun facts about Kyle:

  • Grew up in Tidewater, VA (Actually, Carrollton, VA, but –  as Kyle pointed out – nobody knows where that is.)
  • Astrological sign: Cancer
  • Once upon a time pursued a career in Criminal Justice, but later discovered his mad leasing skills and did not become a cop (Unless he’s undercover. In which case, he’s a very good cop because we had no idea.)
  • Has a wonderful 3 year old daughter and a baby boy on the way (Bringing the grand total of Woodard Team kiddos to a whopping 49!)
  • ghost-dogBelieves in ghosts and loves dogs!
  • Loves to relax in his hammock while grilling out and listening to music, especially rock and reggae (As Bob says, “…every little thing, is gonna be all right…”)
  • Says “Toy Story” is his favorite Disney movie
  • Favorite colors: blues and grays
  • Loves the array of exotic and different types of food Charlottesville has to offer
  • In addition to his leasing skills, Kyle can juggle

Welcome, Kyle!


Kyle also enjoys long walks on the beach.

Kyle also enjoys long walks on the beach.

Posted by: Crys