The Results Are In

Posted on: Aug 23, 2012


And we are proud to announce that three of our commercial customers were voted the Best of the Best of C-ville 2012!
Circa, with its bold presence at the entrance to McIntire Plaza, is voted Best Place for Furniture and Best Place for Antiques. Family owned and operated Busy Brooms sweeps the number one spot for Best Cleaning Service, and their Market Square neighbor, ACE Contracting, snags the title of the Best Contractor in town. Last, but not least, Jean Theory is awarded the runner-up vote for Best Boutique Clothing Store; an impressive feat for a shop that just relocated to the Downtown Mall last May, and is amid such fierce competition!

"...try walking through once without falling in love with a sideboard or lamp and you'll see why readers stalk the inventory." -C-ville Weekly







"...they hire Busy Brooms to do the heavy lifting. The 11-year old company mops up the competition." -C-Ville Weekly





"ACE Contracting, run by brothers Geoff, John, and Jim Pitts, has been in business since 1976 and, in addition to providing exceptional service, makes charitable contributions regularly. Talk about good business." -C-ville Weekly







"...stocks new or gently used duds capable of turning heads." -C-ville Weekly