Winter Energy-Saving Tips for Renters

Posted on: Dec 22, 2014



Staying cozy during the colder months means warm coats, hot chocolate, and higher than average heating needs. We’ve pulled together this list of wintertime energy-saving tips to help you keep your apartment warm while conserving energy (and some of your cold hard cash!).

Heating tips

  • Set your thermostat set as low as possible – consider setting it down 4 or 5 degrees and wear a sweater during the day or use a blanket at night.
  • Take advantage of your apartment’s programmable thermostat to lower the temperature by a few degrees when you’ll be away during the day, or while you’re sleeping.
  • Maximize passive heating: adjust your MINI-BLINDS to let the sun come in!
  • Close doors quickly and windows securely.
  • Adjust air registers if you are too hot or too cold. Do not open windows to adjust room temperature.
  • If you’ll be away for winter break or for more than a couple of days, turn your thermostat down to a minimum of 55. Caution: Never turn heat off during extended absences, as this can cause serious damage to your apartment.
  • If you notice serious cold drafts around the windows or exterior doors of your apartment, please let us know so we can fix it for you!

Hot water

  • Adjust your water heater settings (we will be glad to show you how if yours is not clear) so that it provides enough but not more than is really needed. It will cost twice as much to store hot water for 4 showers as it will for 2 showers – check your schedules and see if this in an area you can save.
  • If you’ll be away for several days, set your hot water heater to “vacation” mode or the lowest setting.

Appliances and electronics

  • Turn off lights, TVs, computers, and other electronic devices when not in use (Exception: leave a light on a timer to come on periodically when you will be away for several days).
  • Use a smart power strip or unplug any power chargers when not in use. Power chargers constantly draw a small amount of power even when they are not actively in use, so unplugging them will save energy.

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