Woodard Team Goes Farming

Posted on: Dec 12, 2012


Last week a group of lucky Woodard Properties volunteers got to spend an unseasonably warm Tuesday working at the Local Food Hub‘s educational farm. This is the second group of volunteers from our team that has had the opportunity to work with this amazing nonprofit organization, and like the first group we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves on the farm. Working outside on a sunny day was such a nice change from our everyday environment, and, more importantly, we learned all about the Food Hub’s mission to address the major issues in our local food system: distribution, supply, and access. So we had a blast, and we learned a lot, too! We can’t wait to go back to the farm next spring!

Joanna, Mike, Jennifer, Crys, Mandy, and Joy take a break from weeding to pose with the beautiful farm in the background.

We did not get to operate any of the farm equipment, so we took a picture with the tractor instead!

Sully, the faithful farm dog.

Fun with Kale!

Fresh produce, indeed! Acres and acres of delicious, organic, locally grown veggies.

The fruits (veggies?) of our labor: a bunch of beautiful, ready to eat spinach!