Woodard Team Serves at Salvation Army

Posted on: Aug 17, 2012


Four kind members of the Woodard Properties Team spent their Thursday morning serving at the Charlottesville Salvation Army! Check out how Amy, Pat, Lenny, and Joe of the Facilities team donated their time to this organization that does so much for our community.

Barbara, who has worked with the Salvation Army for 17 years, cooked this mouthwatering meal and Pat insisted on serving her the first plate.



Amy and Joe worked up an appetite and couldn't resist the enticing aroma of Barbara's cooking.



With a little elbow-grease, Joe got that kitchen to shine!

Amy worked hard to tidy up the kitchen supply closet.

Lenny spent his time organizing the impressive amount of canned goods and other non-perishables donated by the good folks of the Charlottesville Community!


Pat, a man of many talents, also volunteered to repair damage to the walls throughout the hallway.