Woodard Team Volunteers – The Latest

Posted on: Nov 05, 2012


Two weeks ago we were lucky enough to send one group of Woodard team members to volunteer at the Local Food Hub and one group to assist Habitat for Humanity in their “Home Builders Blitz”. The Local Food Hub volunteers got to work on a beautifully scenic educational farm weeding kale and lettuce and helping create the structures that will keep these veggies protected throughout the winter, while the Habitat volunteers had the opportunity to assist in the nationwide Building Blitz that resulted in the construction of 200 homes in just five days. Both groups really valued their experience and had an absolute blast!

The Woodard team is overjoyed to spend the day outside at such a beautiful location with lovely weather!

Josh and Eric, farm boys at heart, feel right at home working with the veggies.

Eric, Josh, Caroline, and Nancy set up wires that will help shield the produce from the cold of winter.

Caroline and Nancy weeding the lettuce/kale patches.

Alice does her part to clear out the veggies!












Dale, Celso, Martin, Richie, and Jay of our facilities team were hugely appreciated by the Habitat for Humanity crew for their skill and craftsmanship!

Dale steadies the ladder while Martin works on the ceiling joists.

Dale and Celso take a break to pose for the camera!