Charlottesville City Market

Posted on: Oct 13, 2016

You know the market that everyone loves on the Downtown mall? The one that offers fresh produce, herbs, plants, grass fed meats, crafts, and baked goods from local vendors every Saturday, April –  October? Well, sometimes it can be difficult to find nearby parking therefore causing visitors to miss out on some of their favorite vendors. We have some good news…

It’s not widely advertised, therefore many are not aware that there is a parking lot owned by Woodard Properties that is RIGHT NEXT DOOR to the market. Please note: you do need to pay to park in this lot; the kiosk is conveniently located within the market. Just cross the street and find the kiosk to acquire a parking slip, return the slip to your dashboard (this part is important), and go back to the market to enjoy the day without having to worry about lugging your groceries and goodies off to a distant parking spot (if you are lucky enough to find one).

If you haven’t been, it’s an absolute must – enjoy!