Why Woodard Properties?

Posted on: Jan 01, 2020

When asked why they chose to live with Woodard Properties, our residents responded…

“I chose to live with Woodard Properties because of their dependability, reputation in Charlottesville, and hospitality.”

“Extremely accommodating leasing team. Heard great things.”

“I have had a very positive experience interacting with the leasing professionals at Woodard Properties, and like the location and quality of the property.”

“Great management, access to the gym and study lounge!”

“I chose Woodard Properties because I love the location, price, and the floor plan of the apartment. I have had friends live with Woodard and have never heard them complain about their apartments once!”

“I’ve heard from others that Woodard Properties is a great agency that works well with the people that are thinking of renting one of the apartments. Also, I’ve heard that they are very communicative and are more than happy to answer any questions that future tenants may have.”

“I get the sense that Woodard Properties takes care of their properties and their tenants.”